Key Branding Aspects

Brands attract and excite customers; they are capable of capturing our hearts and we become attached to some of them. We even grieve when a brand that has been part of our lives for some years disappears and we remember them often, sometimes even making them seem better that they used to be. This is the way that retailers are able to form deep and lasting relationships with customers and investors. When they are managed diligently, brands translate those relationships into higher sales, better and more stable profits, and great stock market performance.

Having a brand can bring many benefits to a company, but one of the core benefits is the creation of value. They become appealing to customers and they have better performances in all aspects, they often affect the decision-making process of clients.

At Twelve12, we focus on developing three key aspects of your brand.

  1. The unique value proposition for your clients, consistent with your company’s values and goals.
  2. The management of your brand in all the aspects, internal and external environments
  3. Measurement of the performance on targeted market segments.

Any good branding Agency in Los Angeles should prepare their strategies around these three main aspects.

For retailers, branding is one of the best ways to interact with consumers and connect with them at an emotional level. Neuromarketing has proven that rationalization has very little to do with a purchase. Consumers will react and respond better to emotional elements such as honesty, friendliness, love, etc. You don’t have to be a branding expert in order to be able to check these affirmations. Just take a look at some of the best brands out there that offer the exact same products as their competitors and the key to their success is always the same, their branding strategies are oriented towards a deep emotional connection with their customers.

As one of the leading branding agencies in Los Angeles, we recommend to our clients to be consistent in their efforts regarding their brands.  Constant changing of target segments or mixed communication elements can destroy a band’s value eventually.

Give your band a chance and set up an appointment with our branding expert teams, at Twelve12 we have all you need to develop a competitive brand.

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