Creative doesn’t mean expensive!


Being creative is not just about being clever, funny, or innovative. Although these are great additions to any creative process, being creative is also about being able to achieve your desired outcome with the resources at hand. At Twelve12 we want to share with you some of our experiences as a creative agency in Orange County so you can decide if that goal that you have been chasing is just a matter of smart and well-planned decisions – and not a huge budget outlay as might have believed.

Let me give you some examples that cost up to nothing for some big companies, as well as how they use their resources. But before we begin, you need to understand that if you are reluctant to use social media, things can be more complicated; it can be done, however, it might also not be as easy to achieve as when you use the various social media platforms.

One man asked Wendy’s on Twitter how many RT’s (retweets) would it take for him to have food for free for a year. Surprisingly, Wendy’s account responded with a simple text: “18 million”. The account managers probably never predicted the outcome of this interaction. This guy had everyone talking; some big companies piggy-backed from this idea and implemented their own marketing campaigns, such as United Airlines (who offered free flights to any city worldwide that had a Wendy’s if he made it to the goal), and other huge companies helped by sharing and retweeting it themselves. Even a charity got a big donation thanks to this campaign.

The outcome was a very happy man with food, drinks, and flights for free, a lot of exposure for many companies, and the cost was zero for most of them. This is a great example of how to seize an opportunity when it knocks at the door.

You might be thinking, “well sure, but I can’t give free food to a guy for a year” or, “nobody knows my company” … but you could be that random guy who went viral overnight by asking for free nuggets! It is all a matter of going with creative, fun ideas and smart decisions.

If you want to know more about how a creative agency in Orange County can help your business become more creative on a low budget, give us a call today. Twelve12 will be happy to help you find the best option for your business!

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