What do we mean when we say “Brand”?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about a brand? Whenever we refer to a brand, the meaning that we give it depends on the context of the conversation. We cannot just think about a definition and encase all the possible denotations. This is probably why so many people that don’t belong to the marketing world struggle to understand the meaning of the word “brand”. Let Twelve12, a top branding agency in Los Angeles, throw some light into brand understanding…

As we have discussed in past blogs, the most basic form of brand reference is the way a company presents itself to the public; with this I mean the classic logo, colors, motto, etc. that we commonly associate with a company. In many cases, our experience with a particular brand has been so good that if we see their logo in a different product than what they usually sell, we immediately assume that it will be a good quality product. In fact, even the endorsement of a different brand could cause such an impact that it is a technique that has been used for decades within the marketing industry to launch new companies and or products.

But that is just the beginning of branding complexity. When we talk about a brand, we may be referring to its influence power or solid recognition. We all know a brand that is all about innovation  this type of brand is fearless and will bring us the latest and coolest products -things that we couldn’t even imagine that we could possibly need or use at some point. There are some brands that wait to see how the market reacts to these innovations and they launch a similar product, but not just any product; something very solid and enhanced that is so attractive that many users will be tempted to purchase, even when they acquired the original innovation. And then we also have those brands that fall a bit behind and sell a version of these two great previous products, but the difference is that they sell for a cheaper price with less complex and lower quality versions.

All of the previous types of brands appeal to different market segments, even though you could think they sell the exact same product with different quality. Even for the cheaper brands, that would be their additional value: a cheaper option for a homologous option.

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