Has Your Brand Become Boring? How To Make It Captivating Again

It happens to the best of us: we did all the hard work, we turned a business idea into a great business, we have a great brand and then one day, our customers decide that they want something different, something exciting, something … not boring. This is the moment where many business owners scratch their heads, pull their hair and wonder what happened. As a Branding Agency in Los Angeles, we have seen this story many times. But not to worry, at Twelve12 we want to share with you some insight about what you may be doing wrong.

The answer is actually simple: your brand turned into the lazy unattractive partner and your customers decided to have an affair with that sexy and exciting new offer across the street. And you still wonder what happened?

There’s a difference between classic and plain old. Think about this; there are some “old” cars that are classics, they are still beautiful and interesting and they have huge value, and think about the other “old” cars, those that were mass produced and where the lines are just old and boring. It takes too much money to maintain them and let’s face it, they don’t have even half of the features that new cars have.

Even if you are the proud owner of a classic brand, you still need to find ways to make it exciting and attractive to new customers and loyal customers alike, and even if you don’t make a lot of changes, you still need to be creative to reach your customers in a way that they don’t even think about trying something different. And if they dare to do it, to have enough value to make them come back right away and promise never to leave you again!

It sounds a little bit like dating, right? And what would you do if someone was trying to steal away the love of your life? You’ll probably try whatever you could to prevent that from happening, and this is exactly what you should do with your brand. If you are losing customers and you just can’t find a reason – you don’t get bad reviews or have a lot of people asking to return their purchase – your branding may be the problem.

You need to take a good look into your brand and find out where are all your customers going and why, and then reevaluate your branding strategies and make the necessary adjustments to become an attractive brand again.

If you need more information about the best way to resurrect your brand, give us a call today and find out what an expert Branding Agency in Los Angeles can do for your brand. Set up an appointment with our team and find out more about all our branding strategies. At Twelve12, your brand is our business.

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