Turn Your Clients Into Your Brand Advocates

If you think that the final goal of your marketing strategies is to make a sale, let me tell you that you are not achieving one of the most important aspects of your brand development! If you already know what I’m about to tell you, keep on reading regardless, as it never hurts to get more information on the topic. If you are scratching your head thinking, what else is there other than selling? – keep on reading, as you are losing customers by the minute by not knowing this.

There are two very important words for any branding agency in Los Angeles: BRAND ADVOCACY. Believe it or not, this is something that you should be aiming for with any marketing effort, and this may be your ultimate goal. But, what is brand advocacy?

After a purchase, a person is so satisfied and happy about the product or service, that he/she will tell everyone about it and will defend your brand as the best choice out there. Yes, you can turn every customer into a brand advocate if you do it right, and at Twelve12, we want to give you some important information on this topic.

In this digital era, brand advocacy is something that we can’t ignore; by now, almost everyone knows that the clients behave like tribes and they share ideas, interests, values and purchases with their tribe. Like it or not, we need to take a long look at our engagement tactics if we want to have a successful business today.

A great tactic is to use social CRM (customer relationship management); this approach can provide an invaluable way to engage with our clients directly, to talk to them, find out what they like about our products and services, and find ways to provide solutions to their needs. What better way to have a happy customer and make our offer more customer friendly, right?

Another amazing tool is gamification, as games appeal to almost everyone out there, whether they enjoy collecting, challenging others, or just having something to do to manage stress. Whatever the reason is to play a game, we can use it in our favor to attract and preserve our customers while doing something fun.

There are many other ways to achieve brand advocacy; those above mentioned are just a few very common ways to achieve it without too much struggle. Don’t waste any more time! Find more and better ways to engage with your customers and improve your brand and give us a call today. At Twelve12, we want to be your chosen branding agency in Los Angeles and help you achieve your goals.

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