Great Service – More Clients

Many Online Marketing companies in Orange County will tell you that communication is one of the most important factors for any business, and listening to the customer is the only way we have to improve the services we provide and obtain, as a result, satisfied and happy customers. So, if you still think that your business does not require an online presence, you have already cut a large part of the flow of new customers that could have generated for your business.

As always, at Twelve12, we suggest you put yourself in your client’s shoes: when was the last time you made a purchase or visited a business without any kind of recommendation? Whether family, friends or simply by reading customer reviews on your smartphone? You may be one of those few people who are attracted to try new things without recommendation, but if so, you belong to one of the smallest percentages of consumers, cataloged in the marketing books as innovators. Most consumers, however, are in the range of the early majority and late majority, both groups influenced by people who have already tested the product or service in question and who have issued positive feedback.

We can infer that to attract that group where the majority is, we need to convince and satisfy those small groups that venture to try new things without the support of a previous qualification or recommendation. We have to take into account that our service appeal is ephemeral, and the experience is much better qualified the faster it is done; as time passes, people compare, start to remember other options, and the sense of satisfaction that was experienced in the moment eventually dissolves. This does not mean that if the question arises, the person or consumer in question will not recommend us, but it does not happen that the client will go around indefinitely talking about the excellent service he or she received.

To tackle this situation, we have an excellent ally: within the most important search engines, we find pages of business evaluation, where we can see ratings that have been given, questions and answers, and opinions of true consumers to form an opinion about the business.

Some companies have discovered that this online marketing strategy in Orange County is so effective, that they offer additional discounts on the purchase if the business is evaluated before leaving the establishment. So, start working on improving your customer experience and if you want to know more about the topic contact us. At Twelve12, we’ll be glad to help you.

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