Understanding a brand promise – and how to develop one


I am sure that you are familiar with the concept of “brand”. Most people can explain what a brand is and quote several of their favorite options. However, when we talk about “brand promise” it becomes a little more complicated. This concept is so important for a company that it should be very clear for a business owner or brand executive – as easy to explain as describing any product from the company. At Twelve12, we want to help you understand this concept and our Orange County branding team has prepared some information to help you achieve this important task.

The brand promise is a commitment that your brand is making to its potential customers and it should be communicated in different ways to the public. Despite what many people might think, this is not a concept that implies that the company will never do things differently. It depends on which type of promise is being made. As an example, a food brand might have promised a certain taste and, as the years go by, this might need to be changed to meet the new expectations and likes of the customers. What was acceptable and trendy 30 or 50 years ago might not be the best option today. Evolution is the keyword in this concept.

So, how do you communicate your brand promise? It is usually done by a short sentence; this is what we usually call a slogan and is that catchy phrase that we can recall from any ad from the brands that we like. These same lines are also those that can be altered by unhappy customers with negative connotations. Make sure that whatever it is that your brand is promising, is meeting the expectations of the clients to avoid these types of mishaps.

The depth and scope of the brand promise are not only limited to the audience, as this will only represent the external part of it. It also extends internally through the vision, mission, and values of your company. The very foundation of your business should be reflected in your products and services and it should also become part of the brand promise.

If you want to know more about how to develop your brand promise, our Orange County branding team will be delighted to help you, so give us a call today and find out everything about with the fun, friendly, and professional team of branding experts at Twelve12.

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