Brand Personality

What is Brand Personality?

Branding is one of the most challenging things that we have to do as marketers, but it is also a fun and rewarding activity. A brand is a reflection (or should be) of your whole company; the values, ways of interaction with the community, quality of the product, the efficiency of the production and logistic processes, etc. But even more than that, we need to connect with our customers at a much deeper level.

At Twelve12, we don’t expect to help you sell a product based only on how good it looks or its good quality. As a branding agency in Los Angeles, we guide you into exploring several other factors, so your brand becomes successful and current for a long time. Phillip Kotler, who is considered the father of marketing, writes in one of his latest published books that there are some important human attributes that a brand should develop if the goal is to influence their customers, and this is part of what we do as a branding agency for you.

In past articles, we have discussed how customers behave now that we are all deeply involved with digital technology and digital ways of interaction. The rules may have changed, but we are still humans and we all still respond to emotions. The reason to add someone as a friend or to follow someone (or something) and join a particular group is because there is something appealing about that person, company or group. We find a sense of belonging and it causes our natural instinct of protection to lower; at this point, we are more open to listen to what others that belong to the same group have to say.

This is where it all gets really interesting and exciting. As branding managers, that is exactly where we want our customers and target audience to be. A place where they have a natural openness to new ideas. This is the place where we can become influencers and not just a company that sells stuff.

Look around you; you can see this happening all over: an attractive person gets a lot of followers and becomes interesting to others, people ask for tips and about the products to achieve that appearance. When we find someone who is very smart, we try to follow their advice. Some people are naturally sociable and have great personalities, and even if they are not that attractive or smart, they provide a sense of belonging and security. Role models are also a powerful part of our culture, as we tend to copy things that we can relate to.

Twelve12 understands that a deeper and long-lasting connection with customers is only achieved by understanding how a certain group of people behaves and we get the most out of this knowledge to make it work in your favor. Give us a call today and find out more about our branding agency in Los Angeles.

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