I Would Like my Brand with Cream Please!

I enjoy so much writing about this topic, as branding is a very interesting part of marketing. I am not sure if we can ever cover every single aspect of what you can do to build up or improve your brand, there is always a new and exciting turn waiting for you to take advantage of. When a new client walks into the Twelve12 headquarters with a branding problem, we do whatever it takes to solve it and we have a team of experts for any Orange County branding need at your service.

So let’s talk about your small business; you might think that your company doesn’t need branding because you are just a small coffee shop or a cupcake boutique. You could even be thinking that your brand is just the name outside the store or on your business cards, and in a way you are right, but if your goal is to become the very best in your business, you should keep on reading…

When you sell a single type of product and you have a brand such as “Joe’s Java” or “sweet delight”,  you are not just selling coffee or cupcakes, you are fulfilling a customer’s need. Everyone (well, almost everyone) can prepare a cup of coffee, but something makes them regular clients. And maybe you have the same people at a certain hour of the day? Just think about if for a moment, does the same person visit your store at the same time of the day? Have they always ordered the same thing? Every single thing that you add to your store adds value to your brand. You should treat them differently and even develop individual marketing strategies for each product.

If you are a small store, you don’t really need to create a brand for all your products, the important thing is that you learn from the big guys and apply those same principles to your own size. You and how you operate becomes your brand.

The executive that buys a cup of coffee from you every morning has nothing to do with the group of mothers that show up every Thursday morning after dropping the kids at school, and the same goes for the university students that come in every night. They all like different things and should be reached differently. A brand can reach many segments, it’s just a matter of good branding, consumer identification, and proper marketing.

Give us a call today and find out more about all the options that we have for you at Twelve12, your only choice when you look for Orange County branding experts. When we take over, we deliver!

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