First Glance or First Date? Thinking Beyond Your Brand’s First Impression

Do you know the sensation of looking at someone and feeling like you know them—or want to know them? The term we hear is love at first sight, and it can be a controversial topic. Some swear by it as proof that true love exists; others dismiss it as a fairytale—a mere poetic rendering of the basic feelings of physical attraction that everyone feels. Regardless of your personal philosophy of the situation, this concept of love at first sight is probably just too compelling to dismiss completely—plus, it does happen, doesn’t it?

Compare this to the more grounded approach of love at first date. Spending time with the person—even just a few hours—can dramatically change your conception of a person, adding form, depth, and clarity. Learning even just the basics about a person’s values, lifestyle, and thought processes can make just looking at a person and deciding about them shallow by comparison.

The process of knowing about a company is governed by the same principles, in some ways. You groom your product and your business to make that dramatic first impression—that smitten, love-at-first-sight reaction from your target audience. Most branding agencies in Orange County will pour effort into getting this type of reaction for you. The problem with this is that, once your audience has “fallen for you,” that first date has to come, and you have to be ready for it.

Having an agency expertly craft that “love at first sight” experience is an essential part of effective branding. Is this enough to secure that feeling of “True Love” in our customers, though? Your customers will want to get to know you and your product more intimately.

To avoid disappointing your audience, you need to be ready for that first date. What this means simply, is having a developed sense of your brand. You have to have a message to tell your customers, a message that goes beyond a pretty package, logo, and tag line.

What is your brand going to say on that first date? What answers will your brand provide once that customer starts asking questions? To craft a meaningful mission statement, to consider the priorities and values of your business, to know in a specific way what you want to accomplish with your company—this is to think critically about your customer’s relationship with your brand.

Any Orange County branding agency that doesn’t think beyond that first glance, beyond that first date, and on toward the future runs the risk of losing the customer long-term. How about your brand? Do you have an overly romantic view of branding—are you hoping for love at first sight between you and your customers, with a happily-ever-after ending? That’s well and good, but you may want to be sure that you’ve at least thought of where you’re going to take them on the first date…

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