Bringing Empowerment

Trish isn’t the stylist of the rich and famous—she’s there to bring empowerment to real women. What initially drew us to her as a client was her background. Rooted in counseling and psychology, Trish doesn’t simply push products down people’s throats. She puts high value on the experience, the self-confidence, and the many benefits that are implicit in personal styling.

A Custom “Taylored” Site

The crown jewel of the work we did for Trish was her custom website, which speaks in its own language about what style should be, and how getting in touch with her can change your outlook. Custom tidbits, such as style quizzes, and a new layout for her already-fabulous blog, made the website truly stand out as an expression of her own voice.


In addition to the site, we gave Trish’s whole brand a total makeover, from top to bottom.


Trish brings 100% of her personality to her work, and that immediately suggested that a signature-style logo emphasizing her name would stand perfectly to represent her brand as soft, intimate, and perfectly her.


As Trish makes her living in the world of fashion, we assumed she might have an opinion or two about the colors we choose for her brand identity. We pored over countless color combinations before arriving at the perfect pink to represent her. Accents of grey and gold wrapped up her visual identity: at once stunning, but also warm and approachable.


With a commanding, timeless brand identity in the bag, we went ahead and developed the full range of collateral items that she needed, from a beautiful brochure all the way down to a business card that is sure to catch eyes.

Partnering with Trish was a highlight of 2017. It was rewarding to work with someone with an eye for stunning visuals, and a commitment to empowering others through promoting confidence, style, and beauty.


Visit Trish’s Site Here

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