Getting Down to Business

The guys at Green Flag, Gareth Ashworth and Nick Cruickshank, are on a mission. Both are dedicated to rope access, which they see as the preferred, and sometimes the only, way to safely inspect and repair industrial work sites. Green Flag was founded to take this vision of safety forward.

Strategic Planning

For Twelve12, Green Flag typified our ideal A-to-Z client: a group of passionate entrepreneurs that had a great idea, and needed a lot of work completed in a short amount of time to get that idea off the ground.

We started with a Strategic Planning Retreat, in which we collectively arrived at solid Vision, Mission, and Core Values statements. Logo and visual identity followed, and we couldn’t have been happier with the logo that the team selected, as it perfectly expresses their name and who they are, incorporating a G, an F, as well as a flag, in one seamless image. It was also important for them to have a logo that could stand in for a check mark, as it will be used as one in their certification documents. This all vividly comes to life in the perfect teal and a striking green we developed just for them.


Making an App

Central to what Green Flag does is make it simpler for operators of industrial sites to find good rope access contractors. At the same time, it enables rope access contractors to show the industry that they care about safety by taking part in an audit.

To make Green Flag work, our entrepreneurs needed an app that allowed both rope access contractors and site operators to log in and get the information they’re looking for. We built their app from the ground up, and nestled it in a clean, fully customized site, which shows the Green Flag team for who they are: professionals dedicated to their industry!


Visit GreenFlag Here!



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