Drink Company Hawaii Lassi Gets a Fresh Look to Take Their Product Beyond The Aloha State

It was truly a pleasure collaborating with Samania, the founder of Hawaii Lassi, a Hawaii-based operation specializing in super-fresh versions of the always-exciting yogurt drinks you may already know from Indian restaurants. Hawaii Lassi was gearing up for a push into the mainland, and wanted a new look, logo, and website, and we were happy to bring a new vision to her message.

We started with the most important thing for a good lassi: the ingredients. Each label features the fruit that is included in the drink: mango, strawberry, passion fruit, and coconut, presented in a colorful free-form pastel style that suggests the fresh feel of the tropics.

The font we chose for the logo also suggests a free, easy-going attitude, with the top of the H and L extending, as if waving in the Hawaiian breeze.

It was a pleasure getting to know Samania and her product, and we’re confident that her new look, matched with her amazing lassis, have the power to become a big hit as she continues to expand.

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