Branding your Company

A Brand strategy includes all the necessary elements that you will need in order to develop your brand.

A brand is the whole concept that any customer will remember about your company, quality, services and or products, customer service, added value, company’s identity, such as a logo or a catchy slogan. Even your advertising is an important part of your branding.

At Twelve12, we specialize on branding strategies, we will guide you and your company through every aspect that you need to cover in order to achieve your branding goals, from a logo to the way that customers interact with your clients. We will cover every single step to get your business where you want it to be.

Branding is important for every company, it doesn’t matter what size you are, branding will help your company to stand out from your competitors, even if you are a small shop that only works locally. Unless you have a completely out-of-the-ordinary company with no competition whatsoever, you need branding. Have a good branding strategy and delivering a clear and effective message to your clients, can make the difference when your customers are deciding between your products and the competitors’.

At Twelve12 we have helped many small businesses and large companies achieve their branding needs in Orange County and virtually all over the world. We believe that thinking the same way as clients will make your branding strategies better. The best brands are those that relate to their customers’ needs, even if they have nothing to do with the services or products that you offer. We advise our clients to keep close to the company’s values, mission and vision. Your business’ identity has to be created and developed according to the foundation of your company. Your brand should have a personality that describes what you want to communicate to the right target audience.

Every aspect of your company is important, the way you lay out your stores, the way you promote your business, the way your staff treats the customers and even the way that you deliver your products. Everything matters so don’t forget to set an appointment with Twelve12, we will take care of your branding needs at affordable prices.

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