Developing Your Company’s Social Media Branding

There’s an aspect of marketing that almost every company should develop and that is social media branding. As an Orange County marketing company, at Twelve12, we see a lot of customers looking for easy ways to do social media branding only to end up with poor results.

So, what do we need to do in order to have a successful social media branding? One of the first things that you need to analyze is the type of platform that you need; for example, if your main market is oriented to babies, such as baby clothes, accessories, toys, etc. The baby is not going to buy it, right? You need to reach mothers, and Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are a great place to start; also complement that with a blog and together these would be a perfect combination. If you are looking to do business with other companies or professionals, you may want to turn your focus towards platforms such as LinkedIn.

Even though people from all ages may be on every platform, they usually target a specific type of audience, so it is a matter of taking a look and start by checking out the demographics of each option until you find one that could work best for your specific case.

Since the beginning of social media, we have seen a lot of changes, and one that we have become accustomed to is visual information. Videos, GIFs and pictures are part of our everyday social media interaction, but what does this mean for our Orange County marketing strategies? It means that we need to be very careful with our visual identity on social media; design specific visuals for social media and make them appealing to our potential customers. We need to develop not only attractive ads but also engaging and useful information in order to reach our target market.

But being able to locate the right platform and produce attractive visuals are not the only things that we need to have for our social media branding. We need to develop a personality: just like any person, companies also have personalities, and that is part of making our brand appealing to our target market.

To find out more about how to become a star on social media, give us a call today, as at Twelve12, we have exactly what you need for your superior Orange County marketing needs.

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