Branding vs brand awareness – and how they work for your company

Brand awareness

There is a difference between brand recognition and brand awareness. Both are marketing concepts that, being so close and depending in a certain way on each other, are difficult to explain and therefore to understand and assimilate. At Twelve12, we want to enlighten our readers and offer a glimpse of how an advertising agency in Orange County can make use of branding and brand awareness for a company’s advertising strategy.

From the point of view of marketing, it is very important to know if the consumer recognizes your brand, its products, and its services. This information gives enables you to modify your marketing strategies and increase brand awareness among customers and leads. The importance of brand awareness is mainly that, at the time of the purchase decision, a consumer is much more likely to choose a brand that they already know or prefer over an offer itself (even if the offer is better) – simply because of brand awareness.

Concerning branding: this concept refers more to giving a personality or identity to the brand. It can be established from different points: it can be corporate, by product family, by line, etc. The ideal approach is to create branding around the corporation and in this way give support to any product or service that is launched on the market. If the branding is solid, the consumer immediately recognizes that any product or service that comes from the brand will have the support and quality (and prestige) offered by the company and not only the offer of the particular product.

Still confused? As we mentioned before, both terms become integrated at a certain point. To try to make the difference between one and the other very clear, think of any product of your choice. That brand that almost immediately came to your mind corresponds to brand awareness. On the other hand, if I present to you a logo of a famous brand, for example, the emblematic Ferrari stallion, it will be easy for you to identify and name the brand, even if you have never bought a product from them.  Yet, if this company decided to venture into the mid-segment car market, it would surely be a success – since the company is backed by a reputation for quality and excellence in its products and customer service. That is what we know as branding.

If you want to understand more about how an advertising agency in Orange County can help you with your branding or brand awareness, give us a call today. Twelve12 can work with you to create a fantastic brand and get it out there for consumers to discover.

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