Branding Highlights

Brands are created to attract customers, if they are carefully planned and presented correctly, they are capable of making our target audience emotionally attached to our company. A big part of the branding process is forging this deep bond with our customers and trying to reach new clients through the right message. Having a successful brand can also deliver many benefits to a company, they can even create value to any product of the company just by the fact of having their logo attached to the product or service. Well-developed brands are known to positively affect the purchase decision of a client.

At Twelve12, we are aware of the key branding aspects of any company and we focus on developing your brand in an effective way. Being a top branding agency in Los Angeles, we use state-of-the-art strategies to bring out unique value proposition for your consumers, an efficient monitoring system of the brand performance and a constant development of new strategies to keep the brand growing and up-to-date.

The branding process is one of the ways that companies have to interact with their clients, you can find many examples of branding campaigns specially designed to form that emotional bond with customers. We all have seen them around and they are very easy to identify. The advertising itself is not selling anything or promoting a product or service. I remember one from a few years ago from an airline that was so emotional and sweet that many ended up with glistening eyes after watching their ads. But there are many examples out there, one key aspect is to find that emotional connection with your customers.

Good branding is not just one good strategy, it is a series of strategies that should be developed through the years and it should be consistent with the company’s vision. Take the two main soda companies, for example, one is oriented to family values and the other one is focused on young people and current trends. You don’t have to be married forever to a concept, but it is important to be consistent and keep the consumer confusion to a minimum degree.

So don’t waste any more time and give us a call today, at Twelve12 we have all you need to develop a competitive brand.

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