I have a Brand, Now What?

There is so much information about the steps that you should follow to build a brand, the ideas, the analysis, the information and the image that you want to show to the world, but what happens after you develop a brand and you feel ready to go?

Let’s do a recapitulation about what a brand is. A brand should be a representation of every aspect of your company. Customer service, product or service, added value, etc. Think about some of your favorite brands, when you see a logo that you recognize, you already have an idea about the item or service from previous experiences with the same company. If it is a good experience it will influence your purchase decision towards this company, but if it is a bad experience, it might be very hard to make you try this company’s products again, even if it has good reviews. Remember that you are sending out a message with your brand, think as a customer and adjust your branding strategies accordingly.

So, once you have your brand, the next step is to introduce it to the world. Think about the best way to do this and remember, there is only one chance to make a first good impression, don’t waste it. Introducing your brand is not just about your customers, if your employees don’t believe in the quality of your product, how are they going to sell it? You need to get your staff on board, sell them the idea and give them tools to help them sell the product or service. You may want to think about developing a business model that allows every employee to become a sales representative. A compensation model can help you develop your branding efforts faster and bring profits to the company while you are doing it.

You might also want to think about an internal branding campaign. Imagine being in the business of clothes and your employees wearing any brand but yours while trying to sell it. And the same thing goes with every single product. Well, you might not be willing to give an expensive watch, computer or car to every employee, but you can give them merchandise to make them feel a part of the brand.

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