Brand elements that you should always be aware of

At Twelve12, we recognize the critical importance of crafting a robust brand that resonates with contemporary branding trends. To ensure effective branding , many aspects are important – but it would be very hard to explain them all in depth here.

We’ve selected some key brand elements that demand your attention when shaping your brand identity.

Define Your Brand Voice:

Now, let’s begin by finding your brand tone. It’s the essence of how you converse with your audience. Given extensive customer research, this is where that data proves invaluable. Whether you’re selling designer shoes or specialized sports footwear, your communication style must resonate with your distinct audience segments.

The brand element such voice is often the first contact point with clients, so aim to be innovative and memorable. Consider Adidas, for instance: some of their most powerful messages are willpower, innovation, and overcoming challenges.

Visual Identity Consistency:

Your visual identity should harmonize with your brand tone. Imagine having a conversation with someone who appears authoritative, only to discover they’re diminutive and unassuming. Your brand’s visual and tonal elements must align for a coherent, authentic brand image.

Think about renowned car brands. They maintain logos and color schemes that are aligned with their most representative type of car. Think strength for power pickup trucks, safety for family cars, and luxury and innovative technology for high-end car brands.

Colors and Typography:

Colors and typography play a crucial role in brand design. They should reflect your brand’s intended audience and purpose. If your target demographic is young people, incorporating vibrant colors, innovative designs, disruptive messages, and high-tech elements into your visuals is crucial. Conversely, if the design is for a hospital, opting for solid colors, fresh technological elements, and a color palette and typography that resemble trust and professionalism is imperative.

Incorporating these brand elements into your branding strategy can enhance your appeal and resonance. It’s essential to maintain consistency across all elements of your brand to effectively communicate your message and connect with your audience.

If you’d like to explore branding  further, we encourage you to reach out to us at Twelve12. Our experienced, creative team is eager to discuss the innovative branding solutions we can offer for your company.

Contact us today to embark on your branding journey aligned with the latest trends.

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