Social Media Branding

I don’t get tired of thanking our lucky stars for social media. As marketers, social media has given us so many options, and it also gives us a lot of budget flexibility. If we are smart and creative enough, you, the customer will become our biggest salesman (or saleswoman). The only problem with social media is that you have to be very careful with your choices and very organized because it can be overwhelming.

Radio and television offered some interaction with your customers, but most of it happened at the store; with social media, however, this changed in a very radical manner. You can establish a personal interaction with old, new and potential customers like never before.

Customers have become researchers and you won’t fool them easily, as you need to offer valuable content so they keep coming back for more, and this will help you build up trust. Your customers will perceive that you know your products and that they can address doubts and find the latest trends or uses with you. They will share this information with family and friends and they will even direct them to you when someone has a problem. The cost to you? Nothing! You are already paying for that space on a server, so you might as well transform it into a profit.

Interaction with your customers is highly important, and nothing drives people away from your business more than disregarding questions, suggestions or even complaints. Do not set up a social media account if you don’t have the time or the staff to answer your clients’ messages. You can hire a Full-Time Social Media Manager to take care of this for you and think as a customer, try to give a solution – just remember that you are trying to build trust and long lasting relations with your clients.

At Twelve12 we are aware of the importance of social media and its branding value, and our professional team will help you develop the best strategy to build up confidence, trust and long lasting relationships with your customers. We know that no amount of social media efforts will be enough if you are not reaching your target consumers and we will make sure that this happens to your company.

So don’t waste any more time and resources; get the best behind Orange County branding provider and give us a call today to find out more about our services.

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