Safi Qureshey, Skyline Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

I’m Safi Qureshey, one of the luckiest entrepreneurs in Orange County. I started many years ago as an engineer with two other engineers, all happen to be immigrants, and we started a company as IBM and PC was getting introduced in 1981. The company was called AST Research. Our core was always very high quality products because we were all engineers. Since that time I’ve been involved with different young companies, both in technology and other spaces, and in working with these new companies, this is where I met Twelve12 and Ike. Every company that I get involved with believes they have a great product but how do you communicate to the world at large? This is where strategic branding and how you present yourself becomes very critical. To somebody on the outside, you can give them facts and figures of who you are, but I have seen it necessary, and Twelve12 and Ike is a perfect example, they need to come under our skin to see what it feels like before they can communicate our message. In today’s consumer environment we’re seeing so many images, how do you stand out and how do you differentiate? I would very strongly recommend other companies where I’m investor or advisor to truly give Twelve12 a chance!

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