Angel & Steven, ARE

My name is Angel Lucero and I’m with American Rail Engineers, and we provide primarily bridge improvement type and bridge management services to railroads across the country. I’m Steven Youshak, the COO of ARE. I had done a lot of logo design and marketing and then we met with Twelve12 and we started seeing their ideas and concepts and it just became evident that they were a step above or two or three steps above where I was at. We were able to meet that same week, which was very convenient for us because we were anxious to get started. They did all the hard work and figured out all the best options and delivered them to us and we were just ecstatic with our result. The logo was simple, it was stately, they were very quick, responsive and extremely good at communicating. Any firm that has a desire to move to a new level would be well-suited to choose Twelve12. One word I would have to say about Twelve12 is dependable. Ike and his team are always there for us. They’re such a fun, fun firm. If anyone tried to steal us away from Twelve12 they would have quite the hurdle to overcome.  Ike and his team at Twelve12 feel like part of our family. I really wanted to have this done right out of the shoot and wanted to help professional help and have something that really popped, and he delivered on that entirely.

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