John Nahas, Golden State Wealth Management

My name is John Nahas, I’m a General Partner and Head of Business Development Management at Golden State Wealth Management. Our company was formed a few years ago and we realized that we needed to take our marketing to the next level and bring a fresh look and a new approach to it. Ike in his best way explained why we needed to revamp our marketing from the ground up and what that would mean to us as a firm. We realized that the confidence that he had, along with his experience, would be a positive attribute to our firm and help us achieve what we’re looking to do. I would have to say Ike was challenging, and not in the sense of challenging to work with, but challenging us to do what we need to do, to think a little bit differently, maybe think out-of-the-box. There’s definitely a lot of opportunity to present ourselves and our brand and that’s one of the things that Twelve12 and Ike have helped us do. We’ve been able to refine our image but secondly we have been able to redesign our value proposition to bring our company to the next level. Through Twelve12, our brand and our value proposition and what we bring to our marketplace every day has received an enormously positive response.

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