Turker, Iconn

My name is Turker Hidirlar and I’m the Vice President of iConn Technologies. We provide companies in North America, Europe and Asia with design solutions to fill in the gaps of skills that they don’t have in house themselves. I was listening round to my network and Ike was introduced to me, the president of Twelve12. Ike was able to understand what we wanted, it was something very complex we thought, but he understood the complexity, he wanted to understand the essence of what iConn was standing for and he tried to put all of that together in the logo. It’s quality. It was the next level. We loved it. Twelve12’s logo input increased out self-confidence to go out there. This is who we are now. The new iConn. What I liked about Twelve12 is that they listen, very carefully, ask questions to understand more, then use innovation and creativity to propose you things that you couldn’t have imagined. They have gone into our DNA and understood things that we didn’t know. Twelve12 to us is more than just a vendor, they are a partner.

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