The Brand: How Can New Customers Know You?

We’ve all been there—it’s late, you’re driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and you’re hungry for a burrito. As you drive down a main thoroughfare, you’re confronted with the choice between the knowns: Del Taco, Rubio’s, or whatever other chain dominates the area, and the unknowns: the various Mexican places that dot the strip malls, with names like “Taco Pronto,” “Taqueria Vallarta,” and so on. What place do you go for? If you’re feeling adventurous, and if the sign still has most of its neon working, you may go for one of these wild card options. The truth is, though, that most people will naturally gravitate to the chains.

Positivity and the Vibrations of Everything

I preface this blog by saying that we here at our Twelve 12 offices in Orange County take branding seriously.

I look at the smooth, crisp, modern industrial design of the desk I’m sitting at. On the desk at the moment is a small craft my son, who is in preschool, made for me. It’s a paper ladybug on a popsicle stick. These two disparate objects remind me, strangely, that everything in the universe is alive.