7 Diamonds Brings in Spring and Summer with a Frenetic New Video

The world of high fashion allows for a level of creativity that often doesn’t fly in other markets. At the same time, more than
in other arenas, the creative faculties have to be laser-accurate and locked into the client’s message to avoid missing the mark. This was true for the recent 7 Diamonds video ad we produced.

As mentioned, our creative team had a blast finding a voice for what 7 Diamonds had to say. We set out with the goal of creating a suggestive, more impressionistic meditation
on the tried and true phrase, “Out with the old, in with the new.” Over the length of the video, the viewer is both rocked and rolled in the direction of The New, pivoting dramatically between scenes that are drab and waste-like and scenes that fill the senses with something fresh and new.

We wanted to maintain an element of violence in the transitions, allowing the viewer to feel the back-and-forth transition on
a visceral level. We were fine keeping any sense of a story ambiguous, allowing those visceral feelings room to jump
in and tell the story on their own.

The result? A tour de force that brings in the spring and summer seasons with a bang—and a flame.

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