Why should you embrace technology for marketing purposes


Traditional marketing has, to a certain extent, been replaced by digital forms. Although the foundation of marketing remains the same, the way we work with companies and customers is so different, many of the former techniques are simply obsolete. All the top marketing firms in Orange County know that trying to sell a product or a service with a focus on only traditional practices will probably get very poor results. This is why the Twelve12 family would like to share with you how marketing is evolving.

We now rely on technology more than ever before; we conduct business, have meetings, attend classes, have medical appointments, and even have relationships through technological devices – and we need to embrace tech in all aspects of our lives if we want to keep on moving towards the future. It has been particularly hard for marketers; people are blocking ads and they can’t be reached in the same ways as we did a few decades ago. And, although it has been complicated, it has also been exciting to find new ways to engage with people.

Social media has played a huge role in our society, but the trend is moving towards new ways of communication and interaction, as we witnessed just a few months ago when Facebook announced their transition to Meta, where the expectation is to become even more engaged with virtual reality. Even schools are accepting these new forms of interaction. But, is this the end of it? Are we to engage customers only in a virtual world? Nothing farther from the amazing truth.

You may have heard about sensory and experiential marketing. If not, it is a way to advertise products and services while reaching the audience through their senses. While a virtual world or a smartphone are great ways to engage with customers, we are at a point where technological advances can help us reach our clients through their senses and help them live a very realistic experience. Smells, visual aids, and specialty gadgets are becoming so advanced that a customer would be able to experiment with a product without even being present.

It is up to us to use the new technology available and be creative!

If you want to know more about how you can use technology for marketing purposes, give us a call today. Twelve12 has what you are looking for and we have the latest technological advances of all the top marketing firms in Orange County.

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