Public Relations and Marketing – Are They the Same Thing?


Most of the time, public relations and marketing are perceived by the public as part of the same process. It wasn’t that long ago, however, that most companies had separate management for each of those activities. Here we will discuss some of the aspects of marketing and public relations that many other PR companies in Orange County fail to share with their clients.

There are some similarities between marketing and public relations; after all, both are aimed at communication with a certain audience.

  • The focus of Marketing is usually on someone outside the company – either a supplier, retailer or seller, and the customer themself. It is also about the whole experience for a customer and not only the communication aspect of it. It begins with a message and it goes all the way down the chain until your product or service reaches the client, and even after that.
  • Public relations is more about communication at some level, and its goal is broader and more diverse. It can be directed at the customer, the employees of the company, the suppliers or the resellers, and it can also include the government and other associations and the wider community in general.

Customer-centric marketing and the business arena, such as digital marketing and social media marketing, have made PR a key aspect of any company and that includes marketing efforts. Even if PR was a separate entity from the marketing department a few years ago, it should be part of it by now – or at least for the part that works with the same audiences as marketing. This can be a challenge for many businesses, but these two activities should work as a very tight team.

The main reason to mention the PR department under marketing management is that this activity may not share the same goals as the marketing department; it may be difficult to find common ground if they exist as separate entities. After all, a company or business exists to bring in profit.

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