Marketing versus Public Relations Strategy

Public Relations strategy

A public relations strategy is handled differently from how sales or marketing strategies are handled. Sometimes an event triggers a public relations strategy of only a few days or even a single occasion (as in the case of crisis communication). In the case of sales or marketing strategies, however, the campaigns are more goal-oriented to support long-term results. This is why as a  public relations firm, we want to share with our Twelve12 readers some morsels of knowledge about this topic.

It is important to differentiate the scope and the handling of the interaction of public relations and marketing. In certain cases, it is very easy to detect a public relations strategy.

For example, if a product fails and causes discomfort for customers( or may even put the health of consumers at risk). Clearly, as a company, you would not carry out a marketing campaign around a negative event, when what you want is to avoid a bad association with your products or services at all costs. However, ignoring the facts doesn’t do your company any good either, so in these cases, it’s common to see the company appoint a high-ranking representative as the main spokesperson to issue public apologies, headline presentations, and headlines attacking key points. It is important to take preventive measures to repair the damage, and ensure that each of the clients feels cared for and heard in their concerns and demands.

On the other hand, not only in a catastrophic event is it necessary to use public relations; they are also used for important and relevant occasions for the company, clients, collaborators, suppliers, etc. To explain this point, take the launch of a product or service as an example.  The marketing department will develop the presentation and execution of the said event; it is the role of public relations to find the right people to get the message across and contribute to its diffusion being maximized. It is not the same to invite 100 potential clients who use social network accounts sporadically as it is to invite 20 influencers. With those 20, you could exponentially maximize the attention and reach of the diffusion of your launch much more than with those 100 people who could be customers at any given time. This is a clear public relations strategy that supports a marketing activity.

If you want to know more about how a public relations strategy can help your business achieve better results, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we have everything you may need to get the results you are looking for.

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