Planning and Intuition: Going with Your Gut

“To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well.”

-Isaac Asimov

I just went with my gut.

Usually this is the answer you give when you either can’t explain a decision you made, or you have no reason for your choice.

It could be argued, then, that “going with your gut” can be put on par with a guess, a throw of the dice. While that may be true for some, we here at Twelve12 tend to give this type of decision making far more credit.

When you go with your gut, you’re using your intuition, which couldn’t be more different from just guessing because you have no preference. But what is intuition? All humans have it. You’re shopping at the market and you’re looking at two meals. Without thinking about the details of each package, you might be able to intuit things about the product: which one is healthier, which one is designed to be more of a splurge—maybe even price point—just from looking at the packaging.

We all have intuition, but where does it come from? Although a mixture of sources informs our intuition, awareness is key. Particularly for marketing companies in Orange County must ensure that their clients are both self-aware and market-aware with their approach to branding.

Market Awareness

Intuition isn’t built on nothing. For a company, you’ve got to know what’s out there, and who’s buying it. That’s why we go further than other marketing companies in Orange County to put together market research to make sure our intuition reflects the reality of what your business is trying to achieve. Once you have a framework, you’ll be freer to use your intuition to present your brand.


It all starts with knowing what your company stands for. Twelve12 facilitates this for our clients in a variety of ways, but in the end, it comes down to the client’s dedication to their mission, which is always the easiest part. It’s a pleasure to see just how much each new client knows their brand—even if they’ve never expressed any of it before until they meet us. For many companies who reach out to us, their business is deeply linked to their life passions. If there’s one thing that they know, it’s their product or service. In a sense, the brand is already there, waiting to be expressed.

Intuitive Branding: Say it!

The reason to go with Intuitive Branding? We push brands to go beyond “I just went with my gut.” With strategic planning, we help clients say what they have to say, rather than giving them something to say. This is only possible with the perfect mix of planning and intuition.

Planning? Intuition? Both? What does your brand have to work on?

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