Marketing Companies Dream Come True – Bidsketch

The internet is constantly evolving and a good thing is that it’s usually to make our lives a little easier, especially when it comes to productivity. The other day while looking online I ran into this website by pure chance, I liked the name Bidsketch.com and at first I just wanted to see what it was but after a few moments of looking around the website, I quickly realized that it’s a web based application designed to make and send proposals easier and quicker than the traditional way. Usually, any decent proposal would take hours to properly develop, but not with Bidsketch! Now you no longer have to spend hours writing proposals because Bidsketch has done the hard work for you with this spectacular program!

But the best part about it, when your client opens and views your proposal, Bidsketch will not only tell you exactly when the proposal was opened, but also just how long the client spent looking at it, if they saved it, or even if they printed a copy!

To be honest, I am usually very weary of working with companies online that I rely on to function for my day to day business but Bidsketch has made this process super super easy. This is the first time I am actually recommending a product, need I say more? Super happy!

Its important that the things we do from day to day lead us to a more productive place. We spend enough time in front of our digital settings, so anything that shortest this time, the way i see it is golden. As the leading digital marketing company in orange county, anything that makes us more productive must be a good thing.

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