Marketing and Branding

Not that long ago, I stumbled for the millionth time with yet another article stating the main differences between marketing and branding. I decided to write a little about the subject and bring some more information on this topic to our regular and new readers. Are marketing and branding something different? This is not the way you should ask this question to begin with; it is like asking if mathematics and calculus are a different thing.

Marketing is not just some definition about customer satisfaction or fulfilling of needs. Marketing is the whole behind any effort towards any market to deliver something. It can be as ephemeral as a promise made by a politician or as real as a house. It is all the art and science behind that ultimate moment when something reaches that specific target that we want. And branding? Branding is very important, but it is not something that was born independently; it is a part of all those techniques and science called marketing.

That being said, branding is a key factor for most companies in their marketing efforts, and as a branding agency in Los Angeles, at Twelve12 we work hard to find ways to develop your identity as a brand. We want your brand to be recognized and to show your customers and potential clients all that is included in every tiny box that you sell. I am not talking about the product itself; I am talking about the company, their values, their vision, the people, all that it stands for, the quality and the customer satisfaction that is delivered every time that someone approaches the counter and asks for one of your products.

But be careful, there is something that can happen to some brands that don’t evolve and just grow like weeds. There’s a black hole that can swallow your brand and turn it into a genericized brand. Some brands became so popular at some point that they completely lost their identity as a trademark and became a common name – and this should not happen to your brand. Need an example? Think about that little pill created for headache pain. People just ask for the trademark name and they don’t care about the brand that sells it anymore. That company lost a lot of customers when their trademark became genericized.

At Twelve12, we take care of your brand and as a top branding agency in Los Angeles, we have expert teams that will help you develop and evolve your brand at affordable costs. Give us a call today and find out more about the branding options that we have just for you.

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