How to tell if an advertising agency is the real deal

Advertising meeting

Advertising is an art, but it’s not just about random images and pretty colors. Your whole advertising campaign should be carefully planned from the visual compositions of the ad to the implicit and explicit messages that you want to deliver to your audience. With so many options to develop visual advertising material, there has also been an explosion of newadvertising agencies in Orange County”.  Since this is not a profession where you could endanger lives as an immediate result of a substandard ad, the regulation of the industry is also limited, and you will find dozens of skilled software handlers offering their services as an advertising agency. But wouldn’t you rather work with the best from the outset?

This is why Twelve12 wants to share with you some aspects of the interaction with a leading, professional advertising agency – like ours.

First of all, briefings meetings can be tedious, but they are essential to delivering the results that you are paying for. There´s nobody who will know more or understand your customers better than you, so you become the primary source of information about your own business for an advertising agency. Sometimes we indeed need to guide our clients to follow a different path, but this reasoning comes also from the information provided by them. If your current agency is not talking to you and asking questions about your business, there’s something amiss.

Once we get the outline of the core concepts such as the type of audience, the best way to approach them, the type of business, how the owner wants everybody to perceive the company, etc., then we move on to present some options. This depends usually on the type of customer, as some are very serious and stringent while others give us room to be more creative. In general, however, there will be more than just one concept and this also helps us understand what a client truly wants. When presented with options, a client is more likely to give better feedback.

After selecting the best options and approach, we work on tweaking it until we reach the desired product and then we move on. If you are forced to develop your own advertising or your current provider is giving you no room for change, the people who you are dealing with are probably anything but top marketing professionals. Is it worth the risk?

If you want to know more about professional advertising and how it can help your business, give us a call today. Twelve12 will be delighted to walk you through the creative process of one of the top advertising agencies in Orange County.

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