How the B2C Model & Ad Agencies Can Grow Your Business

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The typical way of doing business where the customer was expected to see an advertisement and go to the store to purchase goods or services has changed. This is especially because of the events that have happened in the last few years that caused us to be thrown a few decades into the future in a matter of a few months. Everyone, including those who were not used to making purchases by cell phone or computer, found it necessary to do so. At the point where we are today, people have already become accustomed to a certain way of making their purchases and acquiring their products. At Twelve12, we’ve seen a trend for companies to look to ad agencies to focus on communicating the option of direct purchases to customers, or B2C.

B2C stands for business to consumer; this means that the company sells directly to the customer, skipping the intermediary or even a physical store. This is a great option that has many advantages listed below.

  1. Better branding. A company has control over how consumers are going to come into contact with the company’s products, and with that comes greater control over branding. Brand identity strategies can be included through social media, email marketing, online presence, etc.
  2. Consumer understanding. The understanding of the behavior of the end consumer is also a great benefit. When one sells through retailers, the information that we can obtain about the users of our products is very limited and feedback comes predominantly from complaints and warranty uptake due to defects, so this route is replaced by a completely direct treatment without interference – from which we can learn about possible improvements or options that we can offer our customers.
  3. Higher profits. By eliminating wholesalers and retailers, it is also possible to decrease the price and offer better discounts and promotions to the final customer, which translates into more sales and profits.
  4. Controlled sales and distribution. When we work with retailers, we lose control over our orders and shelf space. By eliminating them, our distribution and sales benefit from a higher profit margin and more optimal routes that minimize operating costs.

Personalized customer marketing. It goes without saying that one of the critical factors involved in the purchase decision is the overall consumer experience. As direct sellers, we are able to create unforgettable experiences for our customers and specialized marketing campaigns that help improve both brand identity and company sales.

If you want to know more about how to implement the B2C model, give us a call today at the OC ad agencies, at Twelve12.

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