How paid advertising can help your business


One of the great benefits of taking your company into the digital world consists of the ease of exposing your products and services without the need for a large investment made possible by paid advertising. In some cases, only free activities are carried out on social networks, and results are obtained that are as successful as if they were to be carried out in the physical world. One of the limitations of traditional marketing is the power to reach only a very small market where you can only make your store or business capture the attention of those who pass by or live near it. This limitation, however, is extinguished in the dimension of the online world. In theory, by going digital, you could reach any part of the planet where they have internet access – and where it is possible to send your products or services.

There are different ways to take your marketing to the digital world, one of them is paid advertising – and that is what the Twelve12 digital marketing team in Orange County wants to focus on today.

Although online advertising prices are infinitely more affordable, we must take into account that they are also affordable for hundreds of millions of other users globally, and therefore it is sometimes difficult to try to reach the right person at the right time, standing out to achieve a sale. The data being collected about customers can overwhelm any professional trying to make sense of it. For this, some specific tools facilitate this work.

Programmatic advertising is a platform that helps us to carry out automation and optimization tasks to buy and use advertising space at the required time. And, as a plus, we can further customize the ads if the CRM data is integrated from the customer database itself.

How can we further personalize and reach a clearer target market? There are different ways to achieve this; it is necessary to evaluate how important certain variables are for the sale of your products or services. As an example, if your service requires the client to take their car to your facility, or if it is a space for children’s parties, geolocation is of vital importance. It would be useless for a client to be interested in your services if they can’t access you!

If you want to know more about programmatic advertising, call us at Twelve12 – our digital marketing team is ready to answer all your questions.

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