Engage Beyond a Click

The Marketing Companies in Orange County can’t rely anymore just on online banners or the different types of advertising that we usually buy to promote or create awareness of our company or our products. There are some trends on the rise that are gaining popularity and are proving to be worth our interest. The Twelve12 team has been watching closely the online behavior, and some of the newest ways to promote your business and even yourself online.

So, what’s the next step after the click and view advertising? Live marketing, of course! Most of us have experienced this; we have a friend or we have seen a group or even a public figure using live streaming platforms. And we go further; we should explore a whole engaging marketing experience and offer our customers more than just the old boring online ad.

It is hard to keep up with advances and work on your company at the same time and this is why you should seek the professional help of the expert live marketing companies in Orange County. Choose a company that is known and recognized for exploring the newest and latest trends to deliver the results that you are looking for.

At Twelve12, we believe that the marketing experience for our customers should be as engaging and interactive as possible, and turn them into active participants in the creation and development of a brand and advocates of a product or a service. Experience has shown us that when users are involved with a brand with the right combination of variables, they become a key factor for a company’s success. And it is easily explained why some tools like live streaming are acquiring so much popularity, as people are able to express their thoughts, ideas, complaints and even answers in real time and they are able to tell if the company is really listening or not.

Of course, like with every other channel, things can turn ugly in a matter of minutes and we can find examples all over the internet of epic fails that have backfired and caused a PR nightmare that will take a long time to fix. It is a great experience to engage with your customers in a controlled way, so avoid a catastrophe by working with one of the most recognized marketing companies in Orange County. Give us a call today and find out more about all the options that we have for you. At Twelve12 we have just what you need.

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