Public Relations and how it can help your company

Public Relations

Companies don’t only have clients and workers. There are a large number of figures that change depending on the line of business in which the company is dedicated; in some cases, it is a supplier, in others, it is a manufacturer and, in many others, it is an intermediary or retailer. In each of the cases, a company requires different players to carry out its functions successfully.

The public relations area of a company must not only contemplate the clients, but it must also consider the other participants that are present. Public Relations firms in Orange County, such as Twelve12, have developed different programs to meet the specific needs of each company. In this article, we want to share a bit of information about the main functions of this important area.

Ideally, the Public Relations of a company or business serves to establish a closer relationship with a group. At this point, I want to clarify that I say group and not consumer, because public relations encompass suppliers, workers, intermediaries, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, resellers, customers and any figure that could be related to the service or product that is sold in a company – or with the company itself. And, when I say the company itself, I am referring to a group that does not necessarily consume the products or services, but that, in some way, can intervene in the daily operation of the company. This includes activist groups, communities neighboring the facilities, and even political or economic interest groups. All of them must be considered within the public relations of the company.

The reality is that the larger the company and the more interests it has involved in people’s lives, public relations becomes increasingly important – to the point that it requires communication plans with other organizations, lobbying with legislators and public officials, advice, and the most common, which are relations with the press and the promotion of products or services offered through different events and with a different approach than traditional advertising and promotions.

Without going into too much detail about each role and tool used in PR, I would like to add that each of the players I mentioned above requires a different PR plan.

To illustrate this concept, I would like you to consider a company’s raw material supplier. Although having a single supplier usually implies a considerably lower price, we know that it is necessary to have more than one supplier to ensure that we always have access to the material. Necessary to carry out our tasks, they are normally assigned levels and this can cause discomfort among those who are at the lower levels. The Public Relations area is responsible for keeping all our suppliers happy and helping them maintain healthy competition where the relationship is convenient for all those involved. Among the most common practices for this are events and prizes.

At Twelve12, we are eager to answer all your questions about PR, so, give us a call today and find out all the options that our top Public Relations firm in Orange County has to offer.

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