Public Relations – a bigger impact on your brand than you expect!

Public Relations

A lot of people think that public relations is just a different name for marketing and, in a way, they might not be completely wrong! However, marketing encompasses a large number of concepts and tools, while PR is mainly oriented towards highlighting the perception and positive communication of a company towards its customers. In today’s world, it is very common to see businesses turn primarily to public relations firms, instead of trying to handle this important aspect of the business themselves. That is why, at Twelve12, we want to explain the main characteristics of public relations in a company.

  • Among the things that are not in the domain of public relations, we find the tone in which the company communicates with people. Although their focus is communication, the public relations team is not the one who sets the tone of said communication. This task belongs to marketing.
  • Creativity, on the other hand, is not specific or limited to marketing – which becomes much more evident by the number of visual elements and audience sectors of a brand. Creativity is also important in communication; raw, dehumanized data is a thing of the past and today companies and brands need to tell stories through which their customers can feel identified and form long-lasting bonds.
  • However, the creative approach to communication is not exactly the same as in an advertisement, brochure, or webpage. In the case of PR, let’s remember that it is more focused on creating a positive scenario with the public and, in these cases, advertisements are not as effective as the news media.
  • Studies indicate that people believe much more in something said on a news channel than in an advertisement, even when both are paid for and designed similarly.
  • A fundamental part of the purchasing process is linked to trust in the company and it is at this level where the action of PR has the greatest impact.
  • Another important fact to consider is that public relations are not isolated events, although on some occasions, especially in the face of a problem where the credibility of the company is questioned, isolated public relations are used to minimize the damage caused by some inconvenience. A specific PR plan and strategies need to be developed, much like a marketing department operates.

If you want to know more about how public relations can help your company grow and attract new clients, call us today and at Twelve12 we will gladly assist you and answer your questions about public relations firms.

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