It’s A Marketing War

As a marketing specialist I believe that you can’t always use the same mixture of components to deliver successful results for every company every time.

What I do is explore and find out what other businesses have been doing – the worst mistakes and the greatest successes. Don’t believe for a second that I am telling you to go out there and start copying what your competition is doing, it won’t help you that much. What I mean is that you should watch, compare, learn and surpass your enemies. I know, it is a strong word to use, but it is also a battle of sorts; you fight to get more market, you fight to get more clients, and let’s face it, and you fight to steal their customers. It is a marketing war (figuratively speaking).

At Twelve12, we not only become your assault team, we are also a sort of Intel organization when it comes to internet marketing in Orange County.

It may sound too aggressive, but don’t worry, we are not talking about going too far! The first thing that you need to do is to find out exactly who your main competitors are. Please do not compare your business to an international company, as your competitor is instead that other business that has access at the same audience that you have and about the same resources available. You might want to identify the players at the next level too. The strategy here is to know them as well as you can and surpass them one by one. By this I mean convert a precious portion of the market that they have (without breaking the law of course).

Once that you know who your competitors are, you might want to monitor the way they are doing business. Find out about the products, prices, distribution, etc. If they are open to the public, you can go yourself and experience their service firsthand. Rate them as if you were a regular customer and talk to other people, and find out if and what they like about the specific business. If they seem loyal, find out why. Details are the most important aspect of monitoring the competition. Don’t forget to check out their facilities, their social media efforts, their online and traditional marketing. Whatever information you can get will be useful as long as it is accurate and not just a perception of a single person.

And now comes the fun part! Lay down all the key aspects of your closest competitors and design ways to attack their weaknesses, to neutralize their opportunities, excel their strengths and make their threats evident. While you are at this, remember that you will probably become a target too, so make sure that you have all your weaknesses covered and that you have emergency strategies ready because they will fight back and you will need to be prepared for this.

Give us a call today and find out more about Internet Marketing in Orange County. At Twelve12 we have experts looking out for your company to make it thrive.

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