How to Become an Influencer?

In this age where the paradigm of making a living working for a company is less and less appreciated by people who are entrepreneurs at heart but haven’t been able to become one, we find many ways to earn income in less conventional ways. In the last decade the figure of the influencer has emerged, which has proven to be a very innovative way to obtain monetary resources without the need to sell anything other than an opinion and market reach value. At Twelve12 we want to share with you some more information about what means to be an influencer and why you may want to contemplate the idea of outsourcing a marketing agency in Orange County to help you reach your influencer potential.

Being an influencer is not a matter of simply establishing yourself in social networks and waiting for the money to fall into your bank account. Age, for example, is an important factor and not because people of a certain age do not have the possibility of being influencer, but due to the demographic bias of the different social networks and the volume of use is greater in younger populations. By affinity, different digital groups are more likely to follow personalities who are within the same age group and with similar interests and tastes.

To give you a rough example, it would be very difficult for a woman between the ages of 50 and 60 to be an attractive personality for girls between 15 and 25 years old in search of fashion trends and yet, if the older woman is a recognized personality in the fashion world, it could be very attractive for certain younger segments as an unquestionable guru.

The influencer business is undoubtedly an attractive activity for many and yet for every successful influencer, there are thousands who sought to enter the same segment and were unsuccessful. If the potential to be an influencer is present, the next step would be to develop a very good marketing plan with clear objectives to be able to position yourself in the target market of your choice and reach the necessary volume to turn this activity as your main source of income.

Marketing for an Influencer requires a combination of image design, presentation, public relations and market capital to be an attractive asset for companies that will generate income through the influencer, which is the primary way of obtaining money.

To find out more about effective marketing for influencers and how you can successfully reach your goals with the help of a marketing agency in Orange County, contact Twelve12.wW’ll be glad to be a part of your dream!

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