Should you consider influencer marketing for your branding strategies?

At Twelve12 we are constantly exploring different options for your Orange County Branding. This time, we are going to share with you another interesting method that you may want to consider: Influencer Marketing.

This has to be approached carefully because you need to either do your marketing towards the influencer or involve the influencer with your company to achieve your branding goals.

Influencer marketing is a tool that has been available to marketers and businesses for a relatively small amount of time. There are clear examples of success under the effect of influencer marketing and yet there are also examples that have ended in disasters for both the company involved and the influencer in question.

From a particular perspective, I believe that all options within a range of possibilities to position a company in the market should be evaluated and explored in order to determine if they bring sufficient value for the objective to be achieved. However, I also believe that there are risky tools that should be assessed carefully before using them, and influencer marketing is one of them.

As a branding tool, it must be taken into account that the company must evaluate two sides, the influencer side and the influencer’s followers, since the purpose of using this type of branding tool is to reach an audience through an influencer.

Sending products to an influencer to position, without a prior commitment, implies an equivalent result similar to bet in a casino; if the influencer likes the product, the result will be good, but if he/she does not like it, the audience will most likely give more weight to the Influencer’s opinion above other means in which the brand is being promoted.

It is important to mention that when it is a small business or an unknown or local brand, influencer marketing can be a great option compared to other media. The current average buyer searches through digital media for opinions and to be able to see the product in operation or use before making the purchase decision is a great way to get them involved with the brand, making this tool a very attractive channel in terms of price and results.

The use of an influencer to attract the attention of the desired audience must be cautiously approached as you have just learned. At Twelve 12 we believe that every possibility should stay on the table until there’s sufficient evidence that there are better ways to achieve what you are looking for. To find out more about branding and how influencer marketing may help your Orange County branding give us a call today.

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