Checking Out Your Competitor’s Moves – Online Marketing

Online marketing evolves so fast, that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Constant research and trials are necessary and benchmarking is one of the best options that you have to keep and improve your company’s current status.

As I was telling you, the internet business has a habit of reinventing itself regularly and it is very hard to know which trend is here to stay and what is not. Sometimes the smart thing to do instead of following your instincts is to explore what your closest competitors are doing and do it better. Things that marketers were sure would be the next “big thing” can end up being a complete disaster, and then some others dismissed by experienced marketing professionals are a plain hit right from the start. Just in case you are thinking that this is “cheating” or “copying”, let me tell you that it is not; this is just being careful and smart when your company is not strong enough to take the heat of the outcome of a bad strategy.

Of course, at Twelve12, we will always try to devise unique strategies for your online marketing in Orange County, but sometimes it is better to go with something proven that will deliver a good outcome instead of trying something new and hoping for the best.

Calculated risk is a keyword in the marketing world, if you are not sure about something, it is better to take a step back and reconsider your choice.

A lot of our clients ask us if there is something they can do to get the most out of their online marketing, and the answer is yes! First of all, information is crucial, and thankfully there are a lot of tools that provide important data. You can have a broad overview of the way that your customers or potential clients are responding to a new ad or video, if your page has recurrent visitors or if most of them are one time visitors. The analysis of that information and what you do with it is completely up to you or your marketing team. I believe that you should adapt your online marketing strategies according to what the information is showing you, but this is just a suggestion, in the end, you are the boss, but the data are there to help you.

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