Advertising on social media – not just about posting ads

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When you think about advertising and promoting brands and/or companies, you probably think radio, T.V., newspaper, magazines, billboards and for a few years now, online. The internet is a great place where a marketer’s creativity has no limits but their own. If I ask you about it, you will probably mention ads on social media, links to their websites, banners and other regular online forms of advertising, and it is actually pretty easy for almost anyone with access to a smartphone to create a very nice-looking ad and post it all over the internet. But our team at Twelve12  wants to share with you a different approach to your Social Media Marketing! Keep on reading and find out why social media marketing agency near meis one of the most searched results on any search engine.

If you are familiar with social media, you are probably thinking that is very straightforward to post an ad, however, that is not the type of social media marketing that we want to talk to you about today…

First things first: even if it doesn’t look that way, whatever interaction that you can see from any social media account from a big company is far from unplanned. The main reason for this is that it is very easy to be the protagonist of a disaster. Mistakes happen and a lot of social media managers are young and they might make a mistake, but this is usually in the form of posting a controversial opinion by mistake and then removing it very fast, followed by a formal apology about any problems caused by it.

Another very important factor is that not every platform is for the same type of ad; you might have longer ads in some of them, but others call for very short messages and even just an image in some cases. Keep in mind that even your loyal customers can become annoyed by your ads if you place them too heavily or in the wrong online forum. So, learn about each channel before engaging with your potential clients.

Keep in mind that social media is a space where people are looking for some particular form of interaction and not a virtual mall – and this is why the most successful social media marketing accounts usually have some sort of personality, to with the customers as if it was a friend. This serves various purposes, including better engagement and personal relationships with the clients. Which, if you have been following our blogs, are two very valuable aspects of online marketing.

At Twelve12, we can help guide you on the best way to approach your audience. Forget about randomly choosing results from searching for a “social media marketing agency near me” and give us a call today, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and collaborate on your strategy.

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