Advertising on social networks is not only posting ads

Social Networks

Social networks have gained an important place in the marketing of large and small companies alike, and what was once a resource to keep in touch with friends and family has now become a space that is of high value for companies. That is why Twelve12 wants to share with our readers some important information regarding the use of social networks as part of the marketing of your company – and how to select the best “Social Media Marketing Agency near me.

Social networks are channels where people express multiple interests: personal moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, trips, parties, family reunions, tragedies, or losses. We also find evidence of factors such as sociopolitical tendencies or preferences in certain aspects such as vegetarianism, animal rights, or the defense of the rights of people in general. Other aspects that social media expresses are our tastes, aspirations, and labor issues. Many people share content related to their area of expertise, while others share their preferences in fashion or sports. This is where a large number of businesses have seen the potential of using social networks as part of their marketing efforts.

However, the use of social networks as an advertising medium is not as simple as it seems. While it is true that you can place an ad on the networks and obtain sales and income through them, it is also true that this type of strategy does not necessarily generate a defined or marked loyalty on the part of potential buyers in the long run.

The use of this medium as an important aspect of marketing goes beyond the mere publication of an advertisement. If one follows the different analyses that experts do on successful campaigns on social networks, we invariably find that brand personality and interaction with the public are involved.

Marketing and Social Interactions…

People interact differently with brands in digital media. Phillip Kotler makes a very distinctive reference to nucleation, where a brand is accepted as part of a community and not as a separate entity simply providing a good or service. That is, they become part of a group and are supported as one more member – or, alternatively, are rejected for not meeting the basic characteristics of the people who make up the said group.

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