Important things to consider when building your brand


Branding not only helps us to publicize a brand; it is also a great tool to raise the value of a company’s brand and turn it into its foundations for a source of future income. At Twelve12, we are aware of the importance of every step that you must take to building your brand, and our Branding team in Orange County would like to share some of the key factors that will help you position and add value to your brand.

The main focus must always be oriented towards the client, so we must consider that value is not created based on what the executives want, but rather on what the public perceives as a determinant for choosing your brand over other options in the market.

One of the key factors that has proven to be of great interest to customers over the past 2 years has been company support and perceived excellence in customer service. Think as a customer; there is no worse feeling than the frustration of making a purchase with unexpected results and then the company simply ignores your problem. It is preferable to do everything possible to satisfy the customer, within the limits of your policies; this being particularly important in these times when social networks play a very important role in the decision to purchase products and services.

Another factor closely related to the previous one is the product warranty. It is very common for a product to be advertised with a very good extended warranty and, at the moment that it is required to be valid, it is almost impossible to cover the requirements. Clear guarantees, with well-established conditions, reflect a serious company that takes its clients into account.

In certain sectors, the consistency factor is something that will not only add value to our product but is expected by the customer. This is especially important for businesses with more than one branch, such as franchises, and encompasses all types of businesses. The client comes to your business repeatedly because they like what they receive in exchange for their money/ If, however, the result of the transaction is not what they normally obtain when they visit another location, it is possible that the offer loses value and they ends up resorting to the competition.

These are just a few factors that are important to consider when we are building your brand.

At Twelve12, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed, so, give us a call today and our branding team in Orange County will help you achieve your branding goals.

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