Make it easier for your customers through your branding strategies


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any type of business. It is the way that you, as a company, will be able to stand out from the competition.  At Twelve12 we are always looking for interesting topics to share with you about Orange County branding strategies.

A brand is not just a visual element, it is usually associated with a logo or a color, maybe even a song or a mascot. However, it is more than that. Well-known brands are usually recognized through those elements because they became so famous or important for you that your brain makes the connection between the brand and these elements.

It is that association to which you should aim your branding efforts. Keep in mind that it is even easier to become recognized as a bad brand – and harder to fix.

When you advertise your brand, make sure that you are being truthful to your core values and what your company stands for. Listen to your customers and try to adjust your brand to accommodate your buyers and offer them a great purchasing experience.

As you become more known by your target market, the connection between your brand and your whole brand identity will fall into place, letting your customers link a good experience with a set of visuals or hearing elements. Why is it so important that you develop your brand in this way? Well, the most important aspect is that it simplifies the buyer’s purchase decision. When in doubt, people usually go for the option that they can recognize as a good or a better choice, even if the other option is cheaper.

You may think that this is not really that important, but why do you think that most companies that sell computers are so keen to let you know the processor brand that they use, or the graphics card logo? Although some people still buy computers based on their looks, most of us are looking for something that will work – and we are familiar with the performance of some brands such as Intel, Microsoft or NVIDIA and, instead of taking our chances with different options, we prefer to stick to what we know it works.

So, as you can see, branding strategies are more than just pretty colors or cool jingles, and it can make the difference for a customer in the purchase decision. You shouldn’t let your brand unattended or underdeveloped, it is too important to leave it to chance. If you want to find out more about how to improve your brand’s reputation, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we have what you need for your Orange County branding needs.

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