The Importance of Brand Recognition.

We have discussed in previous entries what a brand means, so if you are not familiar with the concept, it would be great to check out some of the other blogs we have posted on the topic to get familiarized with it. To highlight some of the aspects, we can say that a brand is like a vessel, like a container. It is not only a product, it is a promise and value, the company that delivers this product also shares part of the whole system that makes the product possible.

There are many aspects that are part of a brand recognition; it could be just one thing or it can be a combination of things, and all those combinations are just a part of what we do when we are doing branding in Los Angeles and Orange County. At Twelve12, we love sharing as much as we can with our readers, so, let’s review some of them.

  • The most common thing that comes to most peoples’ minds whenever they are asked about a brand is the logo. A logo is a visual feature that can be a stylish representation of the brand name or the company’s name. It can also be an animal, an abstract figure, or any other type of visual element. It can have one color or multiple colors.
  • The most obvious thing when we talk about a brand is the name that represents a business, a product or service and even a concept. Such as “Motorola” or “Pop Tarts”.
  • Some companies develop unique packages for their products and they become part of the brand, for example “Coca-Cola” or “Absolute Vodka”, so that we don’t need to read the name, it’s enough to see the bottle or even the silhouette of the bottle to know that we are looking at a Coca-Cola product.
  • Music or jingle, we all can recognize many brands just by listening to the beginning of a jingle or music.
  • Some brands have developed their brand recognition through a particular color; from jewelries to cigarettes, there are some colors that are a part of the brand’s identity.
  • A slogan – nothing works better than a catchy phrase, if you can make your customers relate to your slogan, you will be forever imbedded in their brains.

There are many other things that could be a distinctive part of a brand recognition, and during the 1980’s some brands used to send catalogs and people would eagerly wait for them to arrive in the mail; some food companies have their own specially designed flavors (e.g. KFC’s “11 secret herbs and spices”) and some others like the perfume industry have their focus on the sense of smell with designer’s unique aromas.

At Twelve12, we know that as marketing progresses, we will find many others that we can’t even imagine yet. Call us today and find out more about branding in Orange County and our Los Angeles branding agency. You will be surprised by all the options that we have for your business.

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