The importance of a good branding strategy


The power for your brand to be recognized and well-identified by the market corresponds to corporate branding strategies. This is part of what marketing should always take into account when in the planning process. Unfortunately, on many occasions, a company only thinks of promoting products or services in a particular way and not as part of a family, which is why Twelve12 wants to share with you some information on the subject from the perspective of a branding and marketing company.

The branding of a company generates different degrees of value for a brand. Initially, the visual part gives it an identity. It is the first moment in which something visual evokes the first impression; depending on the colors and the design, we will judge the brand in general, in the same way as we would someone who brings a suit made to measure with fabrics of the highest quality and Italian shoes; or someone carefree, with jeans, a t-shirt and headphones; or a pink-haired girl with pigtails and girlish clothes in pop colors. Each one of them (we know by intuition and experience) will be totally different in their treatment, from the most formal to the most playful. It does not mean that one is better than the other, simply that most companies are formed with an orientation towards a certain type of market – and that is where the planning of the visual aspect of the brand begins.

But branding does not only end with the visual part of the brand.  Rather, it begins after that first impression that appeals to us. Now, with greater detail, we begin to realize the attributes of the brand: its quality, and its consistency of quality between its different lines of products or services. Once customers realize that they can trust the brand to be consistent (and this may not even be related to the highest quality, but rather to the best value for money). Failure to be consistent only causes the consumer to give up and stop buying from a business.

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