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As marketers, we do anything we can to build a brand; we use any tool and technology available to develop better and new branding strategies. We have talked in past articles about the online marketing trends and online content is still one of the favorite tools for marketing professionals.

Online content is not just writing down article after article about how good a product is. At twelve12, we encourage our clients to develop enriched content that includes pictures, virtual tools, videos, useful information and any other option that can have appeal to their current and potential customers. Developing rich content for branding in Orange County or any other place can be a very time consuming job, but with the right team of professionals, you should be able to put your company on the map in no time.

There’s a reason that explains why online content is one of the most used tools (if not the most used) to build a brand or for online marketing. Many companies have been using online content for years; this is because the relationship between sales and online content is very high and has proven to be very effective to attract a stream of new customers if it is used right and if the content is sufficiently appealing and useful to the existing and new clients.

Online content needs to be useful. You should use it to communicate with your clients and build up a close relationship where they can trust the information that you provide. Why is this so important? People look online for information about the products and services that they are planning to purchase; they want to get as much detailed information as they can and make sure that their choice is the best out there, compared to other offers.

One of the most powerful tools is UGC or User-Generated Content. Buyers trust other people’s suggestions, even more if this suggestion comes from a friend or a family member. More than 50% of the shoppers check online reviews and use them as a guide. And people also feel more attracted to those brands that make them feel important and that they matter. Keeping an open and personal communication with the customers has become a key factor too.

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