Branding Revolution – Are you Ready?


Change is coming with a branding revolution changing the way we approach marketing. Just a few weeks ago, the world went wild about the news on Facebook and Metaverse. Crypto markets were up, down, and sideways. Some people immediately supported this new project and some were outraged. But the reality of this is that changes are required and there is no turning back now, and this is why our online branding agency wants to share with you some interesting information.

Talking about this issue with some of our customers, it became very clear that most of them believed that this whole “tech leap” is similar to playing a video game with avatars or characters – and nothing to do with real or physical products. They just didn’t see themselves trying to use this type of technology to sell anything. While for some, this could be the case, there are many layers to what people recognize as virtual reality, and there are a lot of applications for this technology.

The possibilities are limitless and not as new as you might think. In South Korea, you may do your grocery shopping while you wait for a train to take you home. The way you do it is through a screen that shows the actual product at the store; you simply point, add, and pay. You will have your shopping ready and waiting for you at the selected destination. Convenient, isn’t it?

Now, what about if it was a wellness spa? There are already several immersive cabins where you can get a relaxing experience in a forest, by the sea, or on a mountain  – all with sounds, images, smells, and the temperature of your choice.

But maybe, you are an engine manufacturer: how could you ever use this technology? With enhanced reality, you can show your engine and take it apart, rotate it, make adjustments, and demonstrate it working with just a set of glasses and the right software.

Too complicated for you? Think about that next time someone sends you a Reface or a Snapchat video with funny ears or the face of a monster. Even toddlers can handle this technology now! It is not new; it is just making a big entrance with the help of some high rollers – and you should start planning on how to take advantage of it for your brand!

The future is here! If you want to know more about how can keep pace with the oncoming branding revolution , give us a call today at Twelve12 and as our online branding agency will be exceited to help you.

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